Dun Laoghaire Baths

The Dun Laoghaire Baths are situated in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin, Ireland. They date back to the 1790’s and used to act as a public place to swim, bathe and relax. There were different types of baths available to customers such as sea and fresh water, hot and cold baths, sulphur, seaweed and Russian and […]

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Alexandra Guild House

The Alexandra Guild House was established in 1954 and used as a retirement home for elderly women. In 2007, it merged with Cowper Care and the residents were moved to different premises. Before doing so, the staff left a bunch of documents behind in one of the rooms. The pile of papers consisted of family photographs, letters written or received by the women, birth certificates and diaries belonging to some of the nurses. There was enough documents there for someone to obtain false identities and have access to unsuspecting peoples’ bank accounts.

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