Grangegorman Mental Asylum

Richmond Mental Asylum was part of St. Brendan’s Hospital, a psychiatric facility located in Grangegorman, Co Dublin. St. Brendan’s Hospital is still open today with 100 mentally ill patients living in old buildings on site. The Asylum was a derelict building across the road from the hospital which was one of the many buildings associated with the hospital during the 1800’s. As of now, the site has been demolished and rebuilt as DIT’s new library campus.



      1. That’s actually one of my favorite pictures. Outside the building was a gigantic line of rubbish, black bags, furniture, clothes, name it (from when the asylum was in use) and in the middle of everything was this teddy bear covered in moss and greenery. It was eerie and very strange!

  1. Hi Lainey, I was curious if you had much trouble gaining access to the asylum, with so much work having been done, the school that has been built, its hard to establish whether this is easily accessible. I would greatly appreciate it if you could assist a fellow urban explorer 🙂

    1. Hello there! I don’t think it would be possible to access these days due to the construction that has been underway. The few times that I visited it the JCB’s hadn’t moved in so I had no problems. Good luck!

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