How do I define urban exploration?
Researching or finding an abandoned building, sourcing an entry point into said building, entering and exploring!

Why do I do it?
It is exciting, something different to do, satisfying for adrenaline junkies like myself and it’s impossible to leave with any bad photographs.

Where do I find the buildings I explore?

So far only in Dublin, Ireland.

How do I find them?
Research on the Internet, old maps, Google maps, cycling/walking around different parts of the city.

How do I gain access inside the buildings?
I walk around the perimeter of the building to find the best and easiest way in, then I go for it. Sometimes it involves climbing over a wall, gate or fence etc.

What essentials do I bring with me?
Camera, torch, extra batteries, phone, water.

What are the dangers I take into consideration?
Asbestos, security cameras/guards, trespassing signs, barbed wire, unstable floors/ceilings/structures.

How do I deal with these dangers?
Cover my face and mouth with a scarf (that will protect me against dust particles, not asbestos), check where cameras or guards are situated, bring an extra jumper to put over barbed wire so I can climb over it, watch my footing and not step heavily, wear regular daytime clothing (not all black) so I don’t look suspicious, wear shoes with good grip.

Do I break in anywhere?

Any tips for other explorers?
Bring wet wipes to clean your hands and face with afterwards, wear flexible clothing to allow for climbing, bring door stoppers, if you have a press pass or media card bring it for ID purposes (say you’re working on a photo shoot – it might decrease the amount of trouble you get into).

What do I NOT bring?
Spray cans, weapons of any kind, markers, large amounts of cash (in case I get robbed), screwdrivers, pliers, drugs… I shouldn’t need to go into detail here!

Have I ever got caught in a building?
No, but if I did I would either run home as fast as I could or come clean and say I was shooting photographs for work.


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